We accept most health insurance plans. Any questions regarding coverage or referral requirements should be directed to your health insurance customer service department. Please remember to bring your insurance card to the appointment. Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. You are responsible for knowing the details of your policy. You will be held responsible for any amount not covered by your insurance.

Patient Information
Other Medical Records

If you have been treated by a physician or hospital for reasons related to your visit with us (for example: RA, OA, etc.), then you may want to request copies of pertinent medical records or x-ray results in advance of your appointment. You may either retrieve the records yourself, or have them mailed or faxed to us. HIPAA Privacy Laws may require written authorization to have medical records released to us.

If you have an insurance plan that requires you to choose a primary care clinic, you probably need a referral for our services. If your plan requires a referral, you will need one for each visit. It is your responsibility to contact your clinic and obtain a written referral stating dates of service, number of visits authorized, and type of treatment allowed.

Prescription Refills

Please contact your pharmacy for any prescription refills, and they will contact us for authorization. Please allow 48 hours for a refill authorization to be returned to your pharmacy. We are unable to refill prescriptions on evenings, weekends or holidays

so please contact your pharmacy at least two business days prior.

Some prescriptions may not be automatically covered by your insurance and may require prior authorization. This process may take up to two weeks. You have the option of paying for your prescription in full or waiting for a determination from your insurance company.

It is our policy not to refill medications if you need follow-up labs and/or an office visit with your physician.

Referrals and Prior Authorizations